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Are you maker, a creative thinker who can’t wait to put their ideas/inventions into practice? Is technology exploration core to your DNA? Does the phrase “what if we could?” amp you up and get you into concepting and building mode? If so, consider applying to be a Creative Tech Media Genius Fellow this summer.

Or maybe you’re a researcher who digs digging in, from all kinds of online research to Reddit thread rabbit holes to emerging platform immersion. If you’re a strong writer, able to both synthesize learnings on complex topics and articulate your own POV, observations and potential implications, the Research/Writing Fellow position might be for you!

“I’ve never felt more challenged to use the full extent of my weirder media knowledge — I got to be true to myself instead of just delivering what I thought my bosses wanted to hear. I learned from the other fellows and feel that I have a much better understanding of the evolving media landscape.”

Former Media Genius Fellow


We’re seeking Fellows who bring curiosity and a discovery mindset to every assignment, who are sharp, motivated and excited about the possibilities for our work.

What’s the work?

Our Creative Tech Fellows will research new tech and platforms with implications for marketing and communications, and synthesize findings for group discussions and team projects. Dig into Dall-E, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Mmhmm, Reblium CODA, Sandbox, Decentraland and beyond. You’ll support planned and impromptu research and insights needs, ad hoc client and Media Genius project support in close collaboration with our Futures team and the EVP, Applied Innovation.

Our Research/Writing Fellows want to think, write, discuss, and write some more. (And we care what you think. It’s not just about culling together stats, quotes, POVs – though that’s essential.) This is program for individuals skilled at tapping into diverse resources, distilling complex topics (think plain/human/concise language vs. lengthy/academic/jargon-a-thons) conveying what’s important and helping to draw out potential implications.


Applications are now live! Check out the links below and apply by Friday, March 17th 2023.



What's the application like?

Applicants must answer a few questions related to a specific Fellows position. You’re applying to join the next generation of media mavens, so consider how you can best contribute!

When will I hear back?

Our intent is to get back to you within two weeks of the application deadline.

​What’s the time commitment?

This is a full-time program and will be 8 weeks long, 40 hours per week.

Is this paid?


​Can I do this for credit?

Not yet, but we hope we can in the future. (And if your school has an independent study or similar program, we’re happy to help you make that work.)

What time zone will the fellowship operate in?

Great question! Given the location of our team and the collaborative nature of the program, the Fellowship will be oriented around the Eastern Time Zone. Students living in adjacent time zones are encouraged to apply as well.