Are you obsessed with culture? Curious about tech? Interested in how your media obsessions apply to agencies like ours?  ​

​Media Genius Exchange is a learning community for students and recent graduates. Each week we explore, challenge, and discuss topics of interest and effects on society.

“Media Genius allowed me to connect with like-minded students globally, discussing topics like emerging media, new influence, and disinformation. We formed a community at a time of uncertainty that empowered me to pursue a career at my dream company!”

2020 Media Genius Student + Current Junior Associate


Media Genius Exchange is a weekly hour-long group discussion. We orient around assigned topics of interest like new kinds of influencers (from micro to AI), information disorder (it’s a bigger and broader issue than people think), and the metaverse (it’s not just for gamers anymore).

​The materials require 1-2 hours to read, form questions and insights for discussion in our session and private group channel.​

​We’ll cover new behaviors, the role of tech in fueling them, and how media has — and could — change the world. ​

​(Nothing like a light agenda, right?)

Key dates

  • 04.20.21 Registration opens
  • 05.09.21 Registration closes
  • 05.21.21 Admitted students notified
  • 06.16.21 First class begins


Access the Exchange application through the link below. ​

Just the basics needed. Some background information. A couple of questions to gauge your perspective on media. And what you’re passionate about. ​

Be expressive when describing your interests and communities that matter to you.​

All current undergraduate students or recent grads are encouraged to apply.




What's the application like?

A few questions about you (the basics) and two that dig deeper into your own media genius. It could take as little as 15-20 minutes, or an hour or more if you’re like some of us (!) and an intriguing question really gets your wheels turning.  Regardless, just be you!  

When will I hear back?

Our intent is to to get back to you within two weeks.

​What’s the time commitment?

The program will be six weeks long but we’ll only be meeting virtually once a week for 60 minutes. You should also carve out time each week to read/watch/listen in preparation, whenever works best for you.  

Is this paid?

No. If you’re looking for a paid opportunity, check out our Fellowship program.

​Can I do this for credit?

Not yet, but we hope we can in the future. (And if your school has an independent study or similar program, we’re happy to help you make that work.)

Can I put this on my resume?

Of course! We’ll provide participants with a certificate of completion, as well as assets for LinkedIn, upon completion of the program.  

I'm in a different time zone, can I apply?​

100% — and please do. In last year’s inaugural program, global perspective and input was huge.